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Paper Mario: Sticker Star review

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Bowser to the left, Kamek to the right, stuck in the middle with Mario

We haven't spent much time in Japanese playgrounds but we're pretty sure their sticker economy is out of whack. British school kids know that a person's worth is measured by the number of sticky-backed football players living in their pocket. This writer once saw someone eat a crisp out of a gutter in order to seal the deal on a shiny Man City club logo.

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Paper Mario: Sticker Star review

Postby Liefesa » 06 Dec 2012, 14:04

Looks pretty good - maybe some future DLC support will bolster its score?
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Re: Paper Mario: Sticker Star review

Postby imbusydoctorwho » 06 Dec 2012, 14:24

Never played a Paper Mario game before,so hopefully it'll find it's way into my Christmas stocking this year.
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Re: Paper Mario: Sticker Star review

Postby toffeeman30 » 06 Dec 2012, 14:34

thats more like it, a nice modest score
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Re: Paper Mario: Sticker Star review

Postby King Slazo » 06 Dec 2012, 14:35

I've heard plenty of good, and bad, things about this. I'll be playing it come Christmas, and hoping that the naysayers are just being overly dramatic...
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Re: Paper Mario: Sticker Star review

Postby MartinIsAwesome » 06 Dec 2012, 18:17

As I've said elsewhere, having had the chance to play a portion opf the game already has got me totally excited for it. Even though it's a much more stripped down RPG system (without conventional action commands and XP) it still feels like the original Paper Mario which after Super Paper Mario is very welcome.
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Re: Paper Mario: Sticker Star review

Postby thenintendoer » 06 Dec 2012, 19:28

ill proabbly pick thisnup at some point but im still not sure about the lack of rpg features most notably the companions which i loved in the other games
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Re: Paper Mario: Sticker Star review

Postby tohaker » 08 Dec 2012, 23:05

14 hours doesn't sound too good... I was gonna dish out the £40 just to download it but now I think I'll wait until either some DLC comes out or they reduce the price to £30.
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Re: Paper Mario: Sticker Star review

Postby LOZanges » 14 Dec 2012, 20:19

Nintendo and Intelligent should make more PROPER Paper Mario games. (not like Super Paper Mario) They should care a bit more about stuff other than New Super Mario Bros.
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Re: Paper Mario: Sticker Star review

Postby harrywoodward » 16 Dec 2012, 15:50

I think this game is really good even though I haven't played it yet its certainly better than super paper Mario from a game play standpoint plot wise its ok not as good a super paper marios story and especially not ttyd story overall I think its a good way to get started with the paper mario series id give it an 8/10 :D
harry woodward
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Re: Paper Mario: Sticker Star review

Postby bigterence » 17 Dec 2012, 20:59

lovin this.overflowing with mario magic.Amazon 25 smackers for christmas.
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Re: Paper Mario: Sticker Star review

Postby Malorak » 19 Jul 2013, 07:29

Oh god.

When I heard about this game, I was stoked.

Paper Mario (1) kinda invented the whole series. No biggie. Thus, it did alot right and few things wrong.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year door was amazing. It took the first game, gave it a better story, a little improvement of gameplay and...Flat humor.
Yeah, yeah. I'll be sitting in the corner.

Super Paper Mario...Well, it tried to take Super Mario bros. and stick RPG Elements to it. Add to this a Mission-based game and it...Still worked! The Story was amazing, the game looked and sounded great and the gameplay was atmost okay.
But as I said - it worked.

And Paper Mario Sticker Star...Took away the awesome story. Alright, we'll get something cool in exchange right? Gameplay? Yeah. Actually this is Paper mario 1 but without the cool fighting. We got Items! ...Only items.

This doesn't work. Bosses can be killed easily by using 1 huge item and if you don't have that specific one...Well, just spam the other ones and the Boss dies. The end.

So...Shallow gameplay, a bad story...What DOES it have? Nice visuals and the jazziest Soundtrack ever.

Does this make up for having nothing else? No.

This game is a disappointment and I hate it for taking the place of what could've been another great Story.

6/10. From my side, that is.
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