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Beat The Beat: Rhythm Paradise preview

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The world's craziest music game makes a welcome return to Wii

So the game formerly known as Minna No Rhythm Tengoku - and in the US as Rhythm Paradise Fever - has a new title. Yet the European name-change makes perfect sense. In a game where you're constantly competing against graphical distractions and changes in tempo and time signature, you really are trying to beat the beat, before it beats you.

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Beat The Beat: Rhythm Paradise preview

Postby bitbob » 05 Mar 2012, 17:32

Damn americans, they've already got they're version of rythm paradise wii. Why cant we beat the americans just once. :evil: Though we beat them with the release date for the 3ds :mrgreen:
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Beat The Beat: Rhythm Paradise preview

Postby MartinIsAwesome » 05 Mar 2012, 17:44

Utterly looking foward to this. Having played WarioWare to death on 3DS, I'll be up for more ludicrous cartoon action.
It's nice to know tht some will games be returning from the DS title as I missed out on that one. I've played the demo though so I'll be looking foward to maybe Glee Club returning too.
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Re: Beat The Beat: Rhythm Paradise preview

Postby Super Andre » 05 Mar 2012, 20:04

Loved the first one, thought it was funny.
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Re: Beat The Beat: Rhythm Paradise preview

Postby lunakitty » 19 Mar 2012, 14:53

This game needs more attention, and a release date! I've already watched the whole game on youtube, but I'm just itching to play it for myself.
I reckon I'll do quite well, but I guess we'll have to wait and see ;3
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Re: Beat The Beat: Rhythm Paradise preview

Postby master sword » 02 Apr 2012, 19:42

absolutely adored the DS one and really looking forward to this one too
hurry up and let me play you already :!:
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