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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS is surprisingly good

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Blog: Serebii's Joe Merrick delivers his verdict on Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth

I have never been a fan of the Pokmon Mystery Dungeon games, and so I wasn't looking forward to covering the new 3DS game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth for my website After spending a week with the game following its Japanese release, I have been pleasantly surprised.

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS is surprisingly good

Postby lrwr14 » 04 Dec 2012, 18:44

Love the mystery dungeon games, one of my favourite pokemon spin off, might have to get this when it comes out.
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Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS is surprisingly good

Postby Waldy565 » 04 Dec 2012, 19:04

mmm, I do like the mystery dungeon games, but I think at the time I was playing em, about the same time platinum came out (I was probs not gonna get it, but I have a trend: couldn't play Ruby properly, save didn't work, so bought Emerald. I lost Diamond when I got to the Elite 4, so bought Platinum :P) anyway, back to the main story (:D) yeah, I think all the hype of the main game over-powered Mystery Dungeon and I just never got round to really playing Explorers of Time, and sold it. However, a few months back, me and my mates went camping, and my friend had bought Explorers of Sky, and WOW, I love the series. I think my fave spin-offs are still Ranger, but yeah, I'll defo check out this game thanks to the addition of features ONM and my Poke-crazy mate have been telling me about.
EDIT: Btw, listening to pokemon music, does anyone else think that the music in the game corner, especially in the older games, sounds very similar to sonic music? I smell a game company collaboration coming! (yeah, a little early I know, in the grand scheme of things)
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS is surprisingly good

Postby ThePokekid78 » 04 Dec 2012, 19:07

Hhm, my interest is certainly piqued...sounds like there are some good and bad things here.

I like the sound of going outside, and the 'special missions', but the fact that not all the pokemon are here is kinda a, you only get a choice of 5 pokemon as a starter??
The Unova starters are immediately discounted for me (they're just so awful) which means I already know exactly who I'm gonna have to have...that sucks!

That said, I've always known the Mystery Dungeon games are highly flawed...and yet, I always enjoy them! So maybe...

P.S. Hey Serebii, how do you like my avatar? Comes from a certain advent calender I found somewhere...
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Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS is surprisingly good

Postby C00LI098 » 04 Dec 2012, 20:29

If you didn't enjoy the previous games then I find it hard to imagine how this one would change your view drastically.

I'm not particularly looking forward to this entry in the series. I loved being able to make the adventure feel unique (as in the main series games) by choosing from many starters. Choosing from Pikachu, Axew and the three Unova starters (how innovative; it's not like we've had to put up with them being marketed so heavily over the past two years (far more for Pikachu)) just isn't satisfactory. I'm sure I'll like the game, but, to me, it feels like there's something important missing.
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Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS is surprisingly good

Postby maartenpitt » 04 Dec 2012, 23:03

Is it really going to be released in the UK and Europe? This is the kind of news I wanted to hear after New Year, because now I can't wait and I have studying to do. Yeah!
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Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS is surprisingly good

Postby Neoware » 05 Dec 2012, 16:19

I LOVE The PMD games and i'm absolutly pysched for this.Looking forward to it! :D
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Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS is surprisingly good

Postby stealth20k » 21 Dec 2012, 00:35

"This results in great cutscenes featuring a range of emotions that would be completely impossible with sprites."

Sprites provide soul and the same range of emotion and are better

thank god game freak wont use them
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Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS is surprisingly good

Postby Lil Gracie » 22 Dec 2012, 17:42

Wow, this looks great! Love the new design.
Lil Gracie
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Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS is surprisingly good

Postby CyberGW » 24 Dec 2012, 12:26

I loved Darkness to bits and I've been really wanting a new Mystery Dungeon for ages.
For some reason I keep thinking that this won't have the same in depth story that made me cry one second, and make me laugh my head off a few minutes later (the credits and then Wigglytuff and the King of all things Bad). Maybe it's the cartoony art style that makes me feel like this will be much more shallow, but this is putting my mind at rest.
I should be in for another amazing Mystery Dungeon, and I cannot wait!
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