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New LEGO City Undercover screenshots

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See more of one of the biggest Wii U games of 2013

A new LEGO City Undercover was premiered during Nintendo Direct this week and now we have a fresh batch of screenshots for the most exciting LEGO games in years.

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New LEGO City Undercover screenshots

Postby ledreppe » 06 Dec 2012, 15:44

I like how you can buy a lego kit which has a code on the number plate of a vehicle, which lets you access a secret mission. Having said that, I probably wont get the Lego kit anyway. The game's looking pretty good, I only wish it could've been a launch game then I'd have been EVEN happier on Wii U launch day!
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Re: New LEGO City Undercover screenshots

Postby thenintendoer » 06 Dec 2012, 19:29

if i do get this i oculd always encourage my lego mad brother to but the play set to get the code :)
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Re: New LEGO City Undercover screenshots

Postby Waldy565 » 06 Dec 2012, 20:00

LEGO... after gaming, gardening and sport, one of my fave pastimes... I normally check out every LEGO game, in fact, the only 2 to date I haven't checked out is Batman 2 (looks amazing) and LOTR (again, fantastic!), so with Undercover coming exclusively to Nintendo, I have to check this out, however, with funds running low for WiiU, I need more 3DS news, Nintendo!
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Re: New LEGO City Undercover screenshots

Postby mushroomchow » 06 Dec 2012, 20:23

Boy, am i looking forward to this. :D
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Re: New LEGO City Undercover screenshots

Postby imbusydoctorwho » 07 Dec 2012, 14:19

Best Lego game ever,calling it here.
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