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41 Luigi's Mansion 2 screenshots

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See more of the Luigi's new ghostbusting game

You can see how good Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon looks on 3DS by checking out this gallery of 42 screenshots.

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41 Luigi's Mansion 2 screenshots

Postby shy guy 64 » 28 Jan 2013, 17:33

not too mutch longer
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shy guy 64
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Re: 41 Luigi's Mansion 2 screenshots

Postby tpie123 » 28 Jan 2013, 17:46

Really interested to see how the gameplay will differ from the GC, a repeatedly to catch ghosts will be interesting!
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Re: 41 Luigi's Mansion 2 screenshots

Postby 3ds234 » 28 Jan 2013, 18:34

Never played GC one so ill get that first and if I like it ill get this one.
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Re: 41 Luigi's Mansion 2 screenshots

Postby KH81314 » 28 Jan 2013, 19:22

Haven't played my 3Ds in a while but i'm going to play this for sure.
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Re: 41 Luigi's Mansion 2 screenshots

Postby Waldy565 » 28 Jan 2013, 22:24

Definetley have to pick this up one day - AC:NL is my game of this year, and Pokemon X and Y. Car lessons for my birthday, so gonna get some E-Shop credit for my Wii U and 3DS, and maybe a couple of GB/A games

EDIT: The screenshots are very interesting, looks like it's gonna be a longer, more challenging game than the GC one, not that I've ever played the GC version, might pick it up to quench my Luigi thirst, and play as him on MK! :P
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Re: 41 Luigi's Mansion 2 screenshots

Postby fisher2007 » 29 Jan 2013, 00:26

Definetley have to pick this up one day.
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Re: 41 Luigi's Mansion 2 screenshots

Postby imbusydoctorwho » 29 Jan 2013, 14:20

Looking good.
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Re: 41 Luigi's Mansion 2 screenshots

Postby coool » 30 Jan 2013, 08:01

Nice surprise about this shorter form. Can you tell us what it is you are talking/writing about?
Has any info. about this shorter form been posted before (and i just missed it)?
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