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Your top 10 Wii U games

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The results are in! Here are your favourite Wii U games!

We revealed our best Wii U games when Nintendo's new console was released in November and now it's your turn. Back in December, we asked you to vote for your favourite Wii U games and the results are in. Here are your top 10 Wii U games.

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Your top 10 Wii U games

Postby vix_chan » 02 Feb 2013, 11:26

Wow, Zombiu beat both Nintendo Land and Super Mario Bros U.
Thats a shocker!

iI didn't realise that there were 10 top games for Wii U at the moment.

Can't wait for Monster Hunter, Pikmin 3 and whatever elce nintendo have up there sleves.
Thanks for the votes everyone.
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Re: Your top 10 Wii U games

Postby RainbowGazelle » 02 Feb 2013, 12:26

I would agree with ZombiU if it didn't have game breaking glitches, but in its current state I just can't give it the title of best Wii U game. I'd have to go for Batman.
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Re: Your top 10 Wii U games

Postby olrodlegacy » 02 Feb 2013, 14:03

I'm delighted you used my ZombiU review. I've got a birthday coming up soon so hopefully then I'll be able to hoover up all the games in this list that I haven't got yet.
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Re: Your top 10 Wii U games

Postby K-tet » 02 Feb 2013, 14:30

ZombiU isn't the most amazing game on that list, but compared to the others... it's a fair enough call for it to be at the top. I'm sure many would argue that Nintendo Land is better than ZombiU as a pack-in game, but to be honest a Top 10 this early on is nothing more than negligible nonsense. ^^;;

I'm sure this list will be revised in 3-5 years from now.
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Re: Your top 10 Wii U games

Postby KH81314 » 02 Feb 2013, 15:08

I think that Darksiders II deserves to be on this list but the rest of the games i'm not to surprised about.
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Re: Your top 10 Wii U games

Postby shadowlugia101 » 02 Feb 2013, 15:31

i think there are other games that deserve to be at the top than zombiu, i found the game quite average. and sometimes it was so ridiculously frustrating that you wanted to snap the game pad in half. also there wasn't really that much to do, the campaign wasn't anything special and online would've definitely increased the longevity of it and made it worth my money. but I'm afraid i have to agree with the American reviewers on this game.
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Re: Your top 10 Wii U games

Postby Waldy565 » 02 Feb 2013, 18:48

ZombiU was to be expected, like LoZ:OoT3D on 3DS... however, ZombiU hasn't taken my fancy as of yet... I only have Nintendo Land, only got my console a fortnight ago. It's decided, I'm getting AC3 over Blops then haha, plus it's cheaper... Will get Blops eventually though, just gotta save this year... Also, Batman, NSMBU, Trine and The Cave all look fantastic, in fact, I know The Cave and NSMBU are fantastic (demos)
EDIT: Oh, and Nintendo Land is very deserved of it's place, still to try out the multiplayer components of the game, in fact... my thread: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=96541
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Re: Your top 10 Wii U games

Postby kallymsmarties » 02 Feb 2013, 22:34

I agree with this. Really Super Mario Bros U was kinda like a game to get us going for the big games but at the same time I wonder if it was a good idea cause having two Mario bros games co close to each other seems a bit much.

Zombi U does deserve number 1 and now glitches are being fixed so it will keep on being number 1 for a good while
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Re: Your top 10 Wii U games

Postby Ioannis83 » 03 Feb 2013, 05:00

ZombiU number 1?Who was voting?Ubisoft?
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Re: Your top 10 Wii U games

Postby vtheyoshi » 03 Feb 2013, 10:11

Why isn't Tekken on here? Out of the three Wii U games I have (Mario, Nintendo Land), it is by far the best.
Also, Monster Hunter 3 U will probably be on here once it's released.

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Re: Your top 10 Wii U games

Postby wghtmf » 03 Feb 2013, 21:37

I was surprised, but highly pleased, by the inclusion of Tank Tank Tank. I love that game.
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