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Rise Of The Guardians Wii U review

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More hard work than Dreamworks

We're all used to the way the world works by now. Train fares will go up every January. We'll never win more than a tenner on the lottery. Film licence tie-ins will always be rubbish. These things are sad, but are at the same time completely and unavoidably inevitable: they simply are. So it is for the predictably dismal Rise Of The Guardians. We didn't come to this game with high hopes, so for it to fail to live up to those low expectations is pretty impressive.

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Rise Of The Guardians Wii U review

Postby abovethewell » 04 Feb 2013, 21:21

This game is dismal. If I worked for the mag, that's all this game would deserve. Unfortunately for you, you guys have word counts xD
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Re: Rise Of The Guardians Wii U review

Postby bigterence » 05 Feb 2013, 10:25

asking abovethewell if u actually got this game,?
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Re: Rise Of The Guardians Wii U review

Postby Scraggy man » 24 Feb 2013, 15:07

A movie adaption game made in a limited time on a likely small budget being bad? Well I never
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