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Aero Porter review

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Planes, games and slow luggage reels in Yoot Saito's oddball anxiety-fest

Stress is a killer. Doctors have linked it to weight gain, delayed healing and even aneurysms. Yoot Saito, the creator of Dreamcast mutant life sim, Seaman, and pinball-meets-feudal-Japanese-war-tactics 'em up, Odama, for the GameCube, wants you to associate stress with fun. This could be tough.

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Aero Porter review

Postby zappy27 » 12 Feb 2013, 12:02

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Re: Aero Porter review

Postby Nintendo77 » 19 Feb 2013, 23:10

Looks Ok but i'll
probably not get it off the eshop
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Re: Aero Porter review

Postby Kesskuron » 20 Feb 2013, 00:38

Nintendo77 wrote:Looks Ok but i'll
probably not get it off the eshop

Enjoy not having it then
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