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Funky Barn review

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We should begin by saying that there's nothing particularly wrong with Funky Barn as a game. Honestly, there really isn't. Millions of people enjoy FarmVille and there's really no reason why those same people wouldn't enjoy this, too.

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Funky Barn review

Postby KH81314 » 23 Feb 2013, 10:19

Seems like a lot of reviews are based of how much they cost like Angry Birds.
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Re: Funky Barn review

Postby lazy_by_choice » 23 Feb 2013, 10:30

Oh my god, this game is actually released as a physical product?! What a waste IMHO.
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Re: Funky Barn review

Postby Scraggy man » 23 Feb 2013, 10:45

It was crap like this that often gives Wii and now it would seem Wii U a bad name. As developers see them as money makers where any half baked garbage will sell on the system.
Scraggy man
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Re: Funky Barn review

Postby zappy27 » 23 Feb 2013, 15:27

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Re: Funky Barn review

Postby mushroomchow » 23 Feb 2013, 15:51

To be honest, the game itself looks okay. When it's relegated to £10 bargain bin fodder, I might pick this up for a laugh.
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Re: Funky Barn review

Postby Pete Kelly » 23 Feb 2013, 18:53

The review couldn't be more true. The game itself isn't bad at all. Seriously it isn't. As stated it I'd pretty much FarmVille. I was curious and bought it.. It's fairly fun and my kids enjoy it but the pricing is the issue. It doesn't provide anything worthy of $30. $10 would be fine but not $30. With that said it keeps my 6 and 10 year olds happy so..
Pete Kelly
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Re: Funky Barn review

Postby Zaphod_B » 01 Mar 2013, 11:26

This game looks awful but remember: without Funky Barn, there'd be no Funky Barn Miiverse Community!
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