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The Cave review

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It's becoming something of a given to see a game presented in side-on 2D on a Nintendo console and immediately assume it's a platformer. Perhaps it's something about the company's successes, traditions or strengths. Whatever it is, even the Wii U's received a relative surfeit of the things in its short life: New Super Mario Bros U, Trine 2, and now, seemingly, The Cave.

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The Cave review

Postby Dark nemisis » 28 Feb 2013, 13:19

This game has been in my sights for a while but i have never looked into whether I should actually get it or not. This review seems clear. After Trine 2 it is simply a wast of time not to mention money.
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Re: The Cave review

Postby KH81314 » 28 Feb 2013, 15:15

To bad about the review. Still might get it if I'm out of games.
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Re: The Cave review

Postby bigterence » 28 Feb 2013, 15:32

Great Addition to any Wiiu collection.Sense of humour ,excellent graphics,good game mechanics.It would be lovely to have some positive comments on ONM not the useless "I might get this if I had a WIIu" childish nonsense.
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Re: The Cave review

Postby Lazara the Last » 01 Mar 2013, 11:31

While this game isn't as great as Trine 2, it's a fun game. The multiplayer isn't that good, thought. But the replay-value! O_o
Al the different characters, gives the player so many reasons to replay the game. Again. And Again.. And Again..!
Lazara the Last
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Re: The Cave review

Postby Knightendo » 05 Mar 2013, 11:35

This is my fave Wii U game so far, and I've played Nintendoland and Zombi U. I'm loving this! The characters are so surprisingly fleshed out and each one is much darker than you originally think. The humour is spot on, the puzzles don't hold your hand and there's a huge amount of satisfaction in solving them all.

So who did everyone start out with and why?

I picked the explorer (because I'm really into Ancient Egypt and knew her story included it), the Time Traveller (because of Who and sounded like her story could be very interesting - it is, and hilarious!) and the Hillbilly (on ONM's description from the preview). Nearly finished my first run-through, looking forward to using a new set of characters to play their brand new areas! I agree with above, SO much replay value for a tenner!
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